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All  A Plus Computer
Models Includes

Big, bold easy-to-Read text

Lifetime Anti-virus
and Identity

Easy Email and Internet 
with Senior Place

Completely Maintenance free

Ready to go out of the box

Excellent U.S. Support
In plain Simply English

Full Edge to edge
Screen view
Voice Search included

Spell check built-in

Large Print Beginner's Manual Computer 101

Wired and/or Wireless
Internet Connection

Works with any Printer,
or device

Watch Netflix

CD/DVD Player/Recorder

 Webcam with Skype

10 Bonus Games

Office suite with Word Processor/spreadsheet

Plus FREE shipping!

Order by Noon
Ships same-day

6 Months Interest Free
with PayPal Credit
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The A Plus Senior Computers are twice as fast with double the memory, use a full screen for optimal viewing plus dozens of features you simply don't get with any other senior computers.

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A Plus Computers for Seniors

Gigantic 24" & X-Large 20" HD All-in-one
Computers for Seniors
Touch and non-Touch Screens available

15.6" & 17.3" HD
for Seniors

   Touch and non-Touch Screens available

Let’s face it, no senior wants to "learn" the computer, they simply want an easy way to email family and friends, play games for mental exercise, explore the vast web, write a letter and video chat without the usual gobbledygook. 
A Plus
computers are designed especially for seniors new to the Internet. Ready to go right out of the box, easy-to-use, maintenance free, fast and easy to see with plenty of speed and storage. Designed with everything in one easy to use “Senior Place” using icons seniors see every day so you’ll always know where you are and never get lost. Plus every A Plus computer includes lifetime protection against viruses so you're always safe. Everything is in one unit (no separate tower) for a clean, organized look.
Just plug it in and you’re ready to go!

6 Months Interest Free with
PayPal Checkout

"I really just love my new computer. I was struggling with my old one for way too long and now I know that starting off with the right computer makes all the difference in the world. Many thanks."
Ellie, Hudson, FL

 "My wife and I love the A Plus Computer so far and we just got it. This is the easiest user friendly computer I have ever seen. Thank everyone in your company."
Paul, Monroe, MI

"Love my A Plus computer and my son was so impressed he ordered one as well for his office. Great design."
Dan, Oriental, OR

Featured Models

15.6" Travel Laptop

17.3" Studio Laptop 

17.3" Studio Laptop


Large 20" HD
All-in-one Desktop


15.6" Laptop

Gigantic 24" HD


Gigantic 24"All-in-one


Money Back

Try the A Plus computer for seniors risk free for 30 days and if you're not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund

A Plus Senior Computers programmed with
Search the entire Internet without having to type a single word. Simply ask a question for a quick answer.

 Customers  Reviews\

Thank you from my entire family for changing my mom's life. She is so happy now. She can't wait to talk to me and see me at the same time (via Skype). She even asked if I could take her on a tour of my house with my computer... She has so much to look forward to. You have opened up a whole new world for her.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Leigh-Ann, Graham, WA

"Your staff has been incredibly helpful, I can't thank you enough. It's a real pleasure working with everyone"
William, Orange, MA

Select a model that best fits your lifestyle. No one size fits all here. From our gigantic touch-screens, the popular all-in-one (no tower) desktops, or perhaps a portable laptop model you can take on vacation or to that favorite chair, we have a model for you.

All-in-one Desktops for Seniors
Laptops for Seniors


 Model 8300
A Plus 24" Desktop

(non-Touch Screen)
Model 8200 
A Plus 20" Desktop 
(non-Touch Screen)
Model 7100
A Plus 17.3" Laptop
(non-Touch Screen)
Model 3100
A Plus 15.6" Laptop  

(non-Touch Screen)

non-TouchModel 9300
A Plus 24" Desktop
Model 9200
A Plus 20" Desktop

Model 7300
A Plus 17.3" Laptop 
Model 5100
A Plus 15.6" Laptop

A Plus Computers for seniors are full-featured computers with no restrictions. Visit any website, use any printer, add any game, program, or device without the limitations of Linux* based machines. The A Plus Computer for seniors does everything any other computer can do in a senior-friendly, maintenance-free, foolproof design that includes automatic lifetime virus protection.    Compare

6 Months Interest Free with
PayPal Checkout

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You don’t have to know what’s under the hood to drive a car and the same is true with the A Plus Computer!

The Internet can be a great companion for Seniors. It helps keep the mind sharp and it's a great way to stay in touch with family and friends, explore the world, plan a vacation, keep track of finances, challenge yourself to a game. Best of all it's always available even in the middle of the night. No other group benefits more from the Internet than Seniors and with the A Plus Computer we've made it simple.

The A Plus Computer is easy to use, especially for seniors new to the Internet but easy doesn't mean you have to give up features. The A Plus computer for seniors includes popular features like games, Email and easy to navigate Internet; as you progress you always have the option to expand your A Plus to fit your own individual needs. Add a favorite game, use any printer, import and edit your digital pictures, make your own music or video DVD's, watch Netflix, create your own greeting cards or build your family tree. You can do as much or as little as you want. Unlike other computers for seniors, the A Plus does it all! You can even use your current Email address or create a new one. You'll never outgrow your A Plus!

Starting with the right computer makes all the difference for seniors new to the Internet

Your Office

Word Processor




Skype - Free Video Chat

 10 Bonus Games

Included Software

  • Java (on-line games)
  • Adobe Reader (on-line forms)
  • Flash (on-line animation)
  • Power Point Viewer (slideshow)
  • Media Player (on-line video viewing)
  • Photo Editor (make a photo album)
  • Google Earth (world maps)
  • Lifetime Virus Protection

Ready to Go-Easy Setup
Just plug it in and you're ready to go.

Easy Email and Internet
Everything in one Easy-to-use Senior Place

Built-in Phone and Remote support
Live easy access U.S. based phone support in plain simple language.

CD/DVD Player/Recorder
Play or record any CD or DVD

Wired or Wireless Internet Connection
Connect via built-in wireless or wired connection for Internet

Safe and Secure
No worries, lifetime virus and malware protections
automatically updated 24/7

Built-in Digital Camera Card Reader
Easy picture transfer from your digital camera.

Powered by Windows Classic Pro
Add your own favorite game, program, printer or device.

U.S. Based Signature Support  Computer for senior citizens

The Internet is a very big place, even on the easiest of computers. We offer (as an option) our unlimited Signature Support. An easy to reach, non-computerized way for seniors to get quick answers from our "just for seniors" experienced staff in plain simply language. No geek talk here. Best of all we can connect to your computer (with permission) so you don't have to explain your issue. A great option for beginners, select at checkout.


Computer 101 Lesson Plan
 and Guide

We've included our easy read fully illustrated beginners guide and lesson plan written especially for the A Plus Computer so it's an exact match. Computer 101 explains everything in plain simple language, designed especially for seniors new to the computer.

Perfect for beginners and useful even for experienced users. 

Everything in one Senior Place      Computer for seniors  for seniors

Senior Place takes the mystery out of Internet with our clutter-free, easy-to-use Senior Place. Jump right in without a single lesson, even seniors with little to no experience. Google, Email, News, Weather, Sports, Financials, Health, Calendar, Maps, Documents and Games, it's all right there in one Senior Place.


A Plus Computers for Seniors Does It All!       Computer for seniors
The A Plus is easy to see and easy to use, but just because it's easy doesn't mean you have to give up features. Add your own favorite game or program (like Quicken or Family Tree Maker) and you can use any printer (even wireless), scanner or device. Transfer pictures from your digital camera, iPad or smart phone, make your own picture slideshow CD or DVD. You'll never outgrow your A Plus Computer. Powered by Windows Classic Pro!
Life changing computers for seniors

* Try it risk-free for 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied with your new A Plus Computer; return it for a full refund.
*  Please allow 5 to 9 business days for delivery
*  We cannot ship to PO Boxes, please use a street address for delivery
*  Free shipping applies to continental U.S.
*  Delivery to  Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii will encounter additional shipping charges. For more information please contact us directly.
 All A Plus Computers include a one year hardware (parts and labor) warranty included in the purchase price.
*  FL residents add sales tax

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