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Beginners guide and lesson plan

We've included our easy read fully illustrated beginners guide and lesson plan written especially for the A Plus Computer so it's an exact match. Computer 101 explains everything in plain simple language, designed especially for seniors new to the Internet. Our fully illustrated large print guide takes you step-by-step with simply functions, surfing the Internet and sending/receiving Email. Each lesson takes only a few minutes and you can complete all 10 lessons in less than an hour.

BONUS - Glossary of common terms associated with computers and the Internet with easy to understand definitions, plus keyboard layout and mouse pointers explained, all in plain, simple easy to understand English.


Lesson 1Computer 101 for seniors

- Turning the computer on and off. Getting started with Senior Place.

Lesson 2 Using the mouse 101

- Practice eye-hand mouse movement. Leaning what the different pointers mean.

Lesson 3 Using Windows Classic with ease

- Opening and closing programs.

Lesson 4 Windows Classic features

- Tip and tricks for the mouse

Lesson 5 Internet 101 for Seniors

- Understanding the Internet and getting the most out of it.

Lesson 6 Finding information on the Internet

- Tip and tricks on looking up information on the Internet.

Lesson 7 Using Google, the easy way to lookup information

- Understanding and easily navigate any Web Site.

 Lesson 8 Email basic overview

- What is Email and what's it used for.

Lesson 9

Sending email to friends and family

- How to send an Email using spell check

Lesson 10 Receiving email from friends and family

- Your Inbox, how to forward, reply and keep it organized.



Additional information about the mouse

Fully understanding all the  functions of the mouse

Keyboard Cheat Sheet

What all the keys on the keyboard mean and do


Common computer terms explained in plain, simple English.


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