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Warranty and Support Options

All A Plus Computers includes one year hardware (parts and labor) warranty, 30 days free of our Signature Support
and LIFETIME protection against viruses and malware, all included in the purchase price.

Signature Support** -A great option for beginners!

The Internet is a very big place, even on the easiest of computers. A Plus Computer has worked exclusively with seniors for the past 20 years and understand that the Internet is new and at times can be intimidating for seniors. We offer (as an option) our unlimited Signature Support. An easy to reach, non-computerized way for seniors to get quick assistance from our patient U.S. based English speaking staff in plain simply language. No geek talk here. Our support team take their time, go step-by-step and offers encouragement to seniors as they build confidence. We pride ourselves on offering the most customer friendly support of any company working hand in hand with seniors all across America. Family members really love the fact that their parents can call us and know they’ll always be treated with the respect, patience, and integrity seniors deserve in their golden years.

Simply call our help desk with any question you may have and we can easily connect to your computer and help with Email, typing a letter, making a disk, sending/receiving pictures, signing up with Facebook, a gaming site, or any other question you might have. You'll get patient and attentive support not found with any other company. We take our time and show you how to do anything you would like to learn and we'll patiently go through it step by step via our remote service so you can see exactly how it's done. Then we'll help you do it with us watching via our remote support so we're sure you have it. Our support is unmatched by anyone in the industry and we pride ourselves on our success.

Working with seniors is what we do and we're very proud of our success helping thousands of seniors take that first step onto the Internet. Even experienced users appreciate our simple to understand answers in plain, simple English. A great option for beginners, select at checkout.

As an added bonus, we'll also cover the computer's hardware (parts and labor) for as long as you're enrolled in our Signature Support. Free your first month, then just $19.95 a month for unlimited support. No contracts, cancel anytime. (Select at checkout).

What kind of help?

Never before has so much been available from one place and it can be a bit overwhelming for seniors even on the easiest of computers. We like to think of ourselves as the GPS for the Internet. With billions of pages on the Internet not every site is easy to find or navigate, so we're always there to assist with anything from signing up with a great gaming site, to help you find information or how to send a picture via Email. We'll even suggest some great sites that we know seniors will enjoy. It's important to us that seniors have a great time and get the most out of the Internet.

How does it work?

Simply call our non-computerized support number and using our built-in remote we can share your screen so you can "show" us your question and not have to explain it. Then working together we will patiently assist you. It's a great way for seniors new to the Internet to get help and learn.

Why seniors love our support?

Calling most companies today can be a real nightmare. Not with A Plus Computer. We won't put you on hold or ask you to press a number to get a real person. You'll have a direct line to your own personal support representative. All calls are answered by our dedicated U.S. based staff who have worked exclusively with seniors for over a decade.  

Automatic lifetime guarantee virus protection

We know the last thing a senior wants to worry about is viruses so every A Plus Computer includes state of the art lifetime anti-virus, anti-malware protection . We are so confident of our protection that is the unlikely event you do get infected we will remove the virus free of charge for as long as you own your A Plus Computer.

Unlimited Signature Support

The Internet is a very big place, even on the easiest of computers. We offer (as an options) our unlimited Signature Support. An easy to reach, non-computerized way for seniors to get quick answers from our "just for seniors" experienced staff in plain simply language. No geek talk here. A great option for beginners, select at checkout. $19.95 Automatically deducted each month. No contracts, cancel anytime.


Is the computer a gift? Our 6 months Signature Support plan is the perfect add-on.
Pre-pay 6 months (nonrecurring) for only $99.00 and get one additional month free.


Your success is our success!

**Highly Recommended - Our signature support with lifetime warranty for only $19.95 per month is valid only at the time of purchase (or within 30 days of date of purchase) of the A-Plus Senior Computer. Support includes unlimited phone, remote and Email support. Limited lifetime warranty requires on-going monthly service plan and excludes abnormal wear and tear, neglect, or incidental damages as determined by A Plus Senior Computer, Inc. Monthly service plan price of $19.95 is guaranteed for the original owner and is non-transferable. High-speed internet connection is required. Customer responsible for cost and safe return of product. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state, and some states do not allow the limitation of consequential or incidental damages so that some limits may not apply to you.
Computers include a one year hardware only warranty included in the purchase price.

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