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All-In-One Desktops for Seniors

setup and ready to go

U.S.A. Support In Clear, Plain, Simple English

Lifetime Virus-Free Guaranteed

SENIOR PLACE - One Click Internet includes
Password Manager, form filler and Favorites

Large Print Beginner Manual

Spelling and grammar Check

Full Edge to edge screen with Zoom

Works with ANY Printer, Program or device

Built-in Webcam, CD-DVD Player/Recorder
Play Music/Movies/Netflix

You're Fully Protected!
We guarantee your A Plus Senior Computer to be virus free for the Life of the computer

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Computers for Seniors
WOW Computer vs. Telikin vs. A Plus vs. MyGait

100% Money Back

Try the A Plus computer for seniors risk-free for 30 days and if you're not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund

senior place
One Click Internet!

Gigantic 24" 
All-in-one Touch-Screen 

X-Large 22"

Large 20"
All-in-one Desktop

17.3" Studio Touch-Screen

17.3" Studio Laptop

15.6" Travel Laptop

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The A Plus Senior Computer has 10 times the storage and is 3X more powerful than the Telikin or WOW Computer for Seniors.


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Laptops for Seniors  

Laptops do everything our desktop models do in a lightweight, compact design. Perfect for travel or to your favorite easy chair.
Touch and non-Touch-Screens available.

free shipping

12 Noon
Ships same day

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Computers for Seniors

Let's face it, no senior wants to " learn" the computer...
 A Plus Senior Computers are designed for Seniors new to the Internet. Our exclusive Classic Windows design offers easy access to the Internet, Emails and games. We configure new computers with the comfortable look and feel seniors have used and loved for the past 20 years.

Your A Plus Computer for Seniors is setup and ready to go right out of the box. Turn it on and you're taken directly to our exclusive one click Senior Place that neatly organizes the most popular features for you so you'll always know where to start and never get lost.

We consider the special needs of seniors with large print for easy viewing, full screen display, maintenance free updates including LIFETIME Virus-Free guarantee so you're always safe and secure.

We offer exceptional support recognizing our senior customers deserve to do business with a company located in the United States that treats them with respect, patience, and integrity and of course speaks in plain simple English. Computers for seniors is all we do and we're very proud of our 20+  years helping seniors travel the Internet! WE DO NOT USE OVERSEAS CALL CENTERS.

Customer Reviews

5 star rating"Awesome computer for seniors and the highest quality of customer service that I have ever experienced in my 77 years. Dependable, helpful and trustworthy always!" Douglas, Gleneden Beach, OR

5 star rating "I've been in the field for 30 years and purchased for my brother and wanted to compliment you on a great computer. Very clean, easy to use design that any senior should love." John, Ludlow, WA

5 star rating " What a treat to speak with your staff. Wasn't sure there were any businesses left with an all American staff.  Dorothy, Durham, NC

5 star rating "I love my children but when it comes to electronics they have no patience with me. Your staff have been just wonderful to work with and it's great not to have to call the kids when I have questions. thank you!." Bertha, Nashville, TN

5 star rating  "We hated the new version of Windows so we weren't sure what to expect. Bravo to the designers of the A Plus, it's just what we wanted." Marge, La Jolla, CA

5 star rating " Not much I can add to the fine reviews to which I fully agree only to say that the A Plus is not just for seniors but at the age of 95 I have had three computers prior to the A Plus and have finally been completely satisfied.  I recommend it for all ages wholeheartedly.  The Tech support, to put it mildly, is superb."   Bob, Doylestown, PA

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Built-in Features

Full Office Suite

word processor
Word Processor

Skype - Free Video Chat


Bonus Games


Computers with the same look and feel seniors have loved for the last 20 years

Lifetime Protection Included

The A Plus Senior Computer is the safest computer available anywhere, guaranteed. We include maintenance-free, state of the art anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware, ID protection and firewall. Our protection automatically updates and scans 24/7. Only A Plus Senior Computer offers a LIFETIME Virus-Free guarantee.

tech support

Excellent U.S.A. Based Support

We offer excellent support staffed by our USA English speaking staff who'll take their time to help in plain simple language. No geek talk here.With our remote support we can connect to your computer (with permission) and patiently help. A great option for beginners, select at checkout.

Senior PlaceEverything in one Easy to Use Senior Place

Our One Click Senior Place internet takes the mystery out of the Internet. Jump right in without a single lesson..Google, Email, News, Facebook, YouTube, Weather, Sports, Financials, Health, Calendar, Maps, Documents and Games, it's all right there in Senior Place.

manualComputer 101 Lesson Plan  and Guide

We've included our easy read fully illustrated beginners guide and lesson plan written especially for the A Plus Senior Computer so it's an exact match. Computer 101 explains everything in plain simple language, designed especially for seniors new to the Internet. Perfect for beginners and helpful for experienced users.

You don't have to relearn the computer!

* Only A Plus Senior Computer offers a LIFETIME Virus-Free guarantee.
Try it risk-free for 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied with your new A Plus Senior Computer; return it for a full refund.
* Please allow 3 to 5 business days for  delivery.
* Free shipping applies to continental U.S.
* Delivery to  Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii will encounter additional shipping charges. Please  contact us at 800-876-4226.
* All A Plus Computers include a one year hardware (parts and labor) warranty included in the purchase price.
* FL residents add sales tax.

Need Help? Contact us at:
1-800-876-4226 or info@aplusseniorcomputer.com
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