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Google is the the most popular way people find information on the Internet. It works just like a card catalog in a library. Type a few keywords or ask a question and then click  the search icon to the right of the search box.

Google will return a list of of web sites that have information based on what you were looking for. They are in order of relevance with the most informative on top.


Gmail is the preferred Email service used around the world. You'll need  to register for your personal Email address. Send and receive Emails anywhere in the world. 

If you don't have an Email account already Click on the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button in the upper right of the screen and fill out the form. It's free.


Popular Sports web sites


Popular News web sites


Popular  Financial web sites


Popular Weather web sites  


Popular Health web sites


Popular Newspapers web sites



Free On-line Games

Be careful as on-line gaming can be addicting. Here you'll find popular sites for on-line gaming. All gaming web sites do require you to register and offers a variety of free and pay for games. Give it a try and don't worry they can't  charge you unless you give them a credit card number, so as long as you are just signing up (which is normal) then you can't be charged.


TV listings and reviews

Research your family history

Social Network

Something new to try

Every thought about on-line dating?

Everything is on EBay.

Send customized

Videos on any subject

Additional Emails

NOTE: If you were on WebTV than you can sign into Hotmail with the  same Email address and password.


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