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The leader in senior computing since 1998

A Plus Senior Computer understands how wonderful the Internet can be for Seniors and we've been doing so since 1998 when the Internet was starting to really take hold. We saw immediately the benefits the Internet had for seniors giving them an easy way to stay connected with friends and family, research their interests, make travel plans, keep current and best of all remain mentally active. 
Some seniors were having difficulties adapting to the new technologies, we also knew it didn't have to be that way. We've worked with thousands of seniors and configured a computer that's easy for seniors to use and navigate with large easy-to-read print, completely maintenance free and includes lifetime protection so your always safe.
Our motto has always been if you can drive a car without knowing what's under the hood, why should a computer be any different. 
The A Plus Computer incorporates all the tricks and tips we have used to make the Internet an enjoyable experience for seniors for almost 20 years.
We are the oldest and most experienced company anywhere that specializes in computers for seniors.

Established in 1998 we've built our reputation on old fashion customer service.

Need Help? Contact us at:  
1-800-876-4226 or info@aplusseniorcomputer.com
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