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The leader in senior computing since 1998

The A Plus Computer for Seniors was created to make the Internet an enjoyable experience for seniors, especially those new to the computer. For the past 20 years, we've put thousands of seniors on the Internet making it possible for seniors all across America to join the information age and stay connected with family and friends while keeping up with a changing world. Working with seniors all across America we know the Internet is a great companion for seniors and truly enhances their lives. Starting with the right setup and design without all the gobbledygook, has made the A Plus Computer for Seniors a favorite with seniors all over America.

Most computers are designed for people in business, college or to be used at work. A Plus Computers for Seniors understands seniors have simpler needs and have developed an easy way for seniors to access to the Internet, Email and games.

Your A Plus Computer for Seniors arrives completely setup and ready to go right out of the box. Turn it on and your taken directly to the main screen without having to answer a single question.

A Plus Senior Computers configures full-featured computers especially FOR SENIORS with our Windows Classis  design, so our computers have the look and feel of the classic Windows 7, the same look that was used when we were all learning computers for the first time. We understand seniors don't like change, so we've kept the "look and feel" of our computers just the way seniors like it.

Our proprietary design neatly organizes the most common functions in our exclusive Senior Place so you'll always be at ease and not intimidated. We consider the special needs of seniors with large print for easy viewing, full screen displays,100% maintenance free, excellent support plus LIFETIME protection so you're always safe and secure.

Our philosophy has always been you don't have to know what's under the hood of a car to drive, 
so why should a computer be any different?

We offer exceptional support recognizing our senior customers deserve to do business with a company that treats them with respect, patience, and integrity and of course speaks in plain simple English. It's like having a guardian angel right next to you.

Making it possible for seniors to enjoy the Internet is all we do and we’re very proud of our 21-year success! 

Need Help? Contact us at:
1-800-876-4226 or info@aplusseniorcomputer.com
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